Hi, I’m Tim Jackson. I’m a working writer/producer working in film & television — currently in the second act of my second career. Rev. Hollywood is a nickname that got hung on me by some friends in a church I was the pastor of many years ago. It’s a long story we’ll save for later. I created Rev. Hollywood dot com to be a source of inspiration, information, and insight, for both film lovers and filmmakers. First, as a celebration of the movie magic we all enjoy but also in the hope that together we can contribute to a richer, more meaningful cinematic culture.

I love movies. I love making movies. I love the people who make movies. If you share one or more of those loves, then Rev. Hollywood is your community to explore and expand your appreciation of film, filmmaking, and filmmakers.

Here’s my IMDb page. – Here you’ll see a list of some of the work I’ve done. You’ll need access to IMDbPRO to see the some of the current projects I’m working on.

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