Sunday Notebook: Jerry’s Porsches, A.C.’s Bronco, DEADPOOL Dominates & More

February 14, 2016 — 1 Comment

DEADPOOL dominated the Box Office this weekend — setting records no one expected it to set.

Our favorite spot to see a movie is the Regal 12 Cinema aka UA Breckenridge in Little Rock. Neighborhood theater, great projection and sound. Every seat is a luxury recliner and every ticket guarantees a reserved seat in the spot of the buyer’s choosing. I told you all of that to tell you this: Tracy and I could not find two seats together to see DEADPOOL at any showing on Friday, Saturday or Sunday. So, we’ll be seeing it later this week. DEADPOOL is a monster hit, breaking records no one even knew were in trouble. You saw it? What are your thoughts? More from Deadline here.

Mentioned here last Sunday that I’d spoken with Karen Martin for a piece she was writing about TV/streaming viewing. “Small Screen Significance” was published in today’s Arkansas Democrat Gazette. I was glad to be included and interested to see the picks from other contributors. Here’s a link to the article online.

My family is really getting into THE PEOPLE  V  O.J. SIMPSON. Last week’s episode about the Bronco chase was riveting. Brad Simpson is one of the show’s Executive Producers and really the guy who championed the project after he ran across Jeffery Toobin’s book in a used bookstore. Here’s a great 5 minute audio piece Brad did for KPCC’s The Frame on the challenges and trivia of staging the Bronco chase for the series. (Did you hear Brad on Little Rock’s FM 103.7 The Buzz this past week? Always fun to make Arkansas connections to big Hollywood stories.)

If you’re a fan of Porsches and a fan of Jerry Seinfeld (and have some cash to burn) this opportunity is a real win/win: Seinfeld, known for his love of a specific kind of car, is auctioning off 16 Porsches in his collection. Here’s the story with details on how you can get in on the action.

Thanks for being this blog’s Valentine. The next CineFriday and next week’s Sunday Notebook will be Valentines to my favorite movie of all time. Care to venture a guess what that is?


One response to Sunday Notebook: Jerry’s Porsches, A.C.’s Bronco, DEADPOOL Dominates & More


    Deadpool is nearly everything you want from your raunchy, violent, comedic, R-rated comic book movie. This is what Ryan Reynolds was born to do.


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