Movie Maps — Did they get your State right?

February 7, 2015 — 5 Comments


Alycia Simons (blogger for Hotels Combined) put together a few movie location maps for a post on her blog. The map posted above made the rounds on Facebook and Twitter in the last couple of weeks but there are a few additonal maps of interest in the original post. Take a look at your State and see if you agree with the pick. I think SLINGBLADE is probably a better pick for a movie set and made in Arkansas. THE FIRM only shot a few days at best on the Arkansas side of the Mississippi River — and it’s very much a movie set in Memphis. (And of course TRUE GRIT is set in Arkansas but neither outing was filmed in the Natural State.)

There are a few more head-scratchers on this map as well — if indeed it is a map pinpointing where movies were shot and not just where the stories are set. I was immediately drawn to the suggestion that TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD was shot on location in Alabama. I couldn’t imagine that Universal would send cast and crew into the powder keg Deep South in 1962 to shoot that film. Filmmakers faced similar challenges with production and distribution a few years later with the Oscar nominated film, IN THE HEAT OF THE NIGHT — which was shot on location with rural Southern Illinois doubling for Mississippi. A little checking indicates that all the exteriors for TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD were shot on Universal’s backlot in Universal City/North Hollywood.

It’s worth noting here that no matter how far we’ve yet to go, at least we can mark some progress of how far we’ve come. The climatic scenes for last year’s Civil Rights-era film SELMA, were shot on the very bridge in the very city where the original march took place.


5 responses to Movie Maps — Did they get your State right?


    I would suggest A Face in the Crowd as a more iconic Arkansas entry.



      Philip – I agree that A Face in the Crowd is more iconic than The Firm. It certainly holds an interesting place in Arkansas film history. I just think the criteria for inclusion on this map was a little a wonky all around. Slingblade would still get my vote for having been made entirely here by a native son and for what it did for BBT’s career, the Oscar attention it got and its revered place in the independent film movement of the 90s.



    No, they got my state wrong. The only scenes in The Deer Hunter shot in Washington were the actual hunt scenes, maybe 5% of the movie. Thailand stood in for Vietnam (35%). The rest (70%) was shot in and around Cleveland, Ohio.

    Unfortunately, since none of them are “classics”, the most popular films shot mostly in Washington State are An Officer and a Gentleman, Snow Falling on Cedars, Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me, and Sleepless in Seattle. I would settle for #1.



    LOL – Obviously typing isn’t my forte. I meant 60%, not 70.



    I like your choices Invisible Mikey and your typing is not on trial here. Seriously, I don’t think this map would stand up to much deeper scrutiny but I’m loving the conversation.


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