Movie Monday* 11.17.14

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Clara Bow and Antonio Moreno in IT (B&W, 1927)


IT (Pre-Code, 72 mins, Lasky-Famous Players/Paramount Pictures, Released: February 15,1927)

Budd Schulberg recounts how his father married a rising star from his stable of actors to a piece of zeitgeist material, and made history:

Thus Clara Bow became not just a top box-office star but a national institution: The It Girl. Millions of followers wore their hair like Clara’s and pouted like Clara, and danced and smoked and laughed and necked like Clara. They imitated everything but her speech because fortunately the silent screen protected them from the nasal Brooklyn accent. (Budd Schulberg, MOVING PICTURES)

Ty Burr commenting on a scene from IT in which Clara’s character dances while getting ready for a date with her boss says, “She behaved vertically the way women weren’t even supposed to behave horizontally.” (Ty Burr, GODS LIKE US)

Dorothy Parker famously quipped, “IT? Hell, she had THOSE!”

Clara Bow was the original IT Girl. She became an early prototype for the afterlife of It Girls who are retired by the bored and fickle audiences that make them.

Director: Clarence G. Badger, Writers: Elinor Glyn (Story and Adaptation) Hope Loring (Screenplay) Louis Lighton (Screenplay) George Marion Jr. (Titles), Producers: Kevin Brownlow, David Gill, Cinematographer: H. Kinley Martin, Composers: Carl Davis, Sheldon Mirowitz, William P. Perry, Editor: E. Lloyd Sheldon

CAST: Clara Bow, Antonio Moreno, William Austin, Priscilla Bonner



*Every Monday I watch a classic or historically significant movie that falls into one of these categories: 1) Have never seen it, or 2) Have never seen it uncut, or 3) Have only seen it once, or 4) Haven’t seen it in a very long time.

some information from: IMDb Pro, BoxOfficeMojo


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