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Theodore & ST. VINCENT

September 6, 2014 — Leave a comment

I can’t really say that writer/director Ted Melfi and I are friends. But we are friendly. Ted’s an acquaintance who did me a solid back in 2005 when my partner and I were getting our first film ready to hit the festival circuit. Over the years I’ve read a couple of his scripts and we’ve talked about working together. I’ve always appreciated Ted’s talent and spirit. So, when little nuggets started popping up in the press a year ago about his then-in-production feature film, ST. VINCENT, I was happy for Ted and quite interested in the film. When the official trailer debuted this summer my interest turned into avid anticipation.

ST. VINCENT is enjoying a warm and enthusiastic reception following it’s debut last night at the  Toronto International Film Festival. Good reviews for the film and strong notices for Bill Murray abound. Variety’s critic says this is the role that Murray’s fans have been waiting for. USA TODAY’s Andrea Mandell asked Melfi about the process of casting Murray in the lead role. Melfi’s amusing account of getting Murray on board adds another great chapter to the stories that other directors and producers have told about Murray over the years.

ST. VINCENT is high on my must-see list for this fall. What’s on yours?