NOAH: All I’m gonna say…

April 4, 2014 — 2 Comments


1)   I often quote my friend Philip Martin when people kvetch to me about the historical accuracy of a movie: “People who get their history from movies deserve the history they get.” I think there’s an appropriate corollary here: People who get their theology from movies deserve the theology they get.

2)   I’m not worried about people being led astray by the movie NOAH any more than I’m worried about them being led astray by the American Evangelical church. Wait a minute.

3)   Isn’t there more to be gained from learning how people who don’t share your assumptions or beliefs interpret your foundational narratives than there is in telling them they’re not welcome to try? Which response has the potential to foster a conversation and which fosters a shouting match?

4)   Which movie do you think started with more of an explicit agenda to win people over to a specific worldview: NOAH or GOD’S NOT DEAD? Discuss amongst yourselves. I have to go take my beating now.


2 responses to NOAH: All I’m gonna say…


    Very good Tim!


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