Doris Roberts Answers Questions from our Facebook Friends

March 13, 2014 — 1 Comment
Doris Roberts as NORMA in PixL's original movie, TOUCHED

Doris Roberts as NORMA in PixL’s original movie, TOUCHED

A few weeks ago we posted a chat I had with Doris Roberts. We invited our friends on Facebook to submit questions they’d like Doris to answer and we chose four of those submissions to pass along to Doris. We’re posting her answers to those here for the first time. Here’s a link to the original interview: Having the Time of Her Life Now, here are Doris’s answers to our friends’ questions:

Toran asked: “How do you manage to get quality roles in your mature years while it eludes so many others? And what is your dearest memory of Peter Boyle?”

Doris answered: “Hello, Toran. Thanks for your questions. I choose scripts I like and say no to those I feel are not right. I love that I keep getting great parts. Peter’s singing. That’s what I remember the most. He loved to sing and had a very sweet voice.”

Tanya asked: “Do you cook great Italian food like your character on Everybody Loves Raymond?”

Doris answered: “I do, but I don’t cook so much since my husband died. Sometimes it’s hard to do. But I do cater very well, though!”

Erin asked: “Do people assume you’re Italian because you were so convincing as Marie, even though your bloodline is Russian?”

Doris answered: “Yes, they do and often they approach me speaking in Italian. My son is Italian and when he was younger, I took him to Italy. I think Hollywood portrays Italians as Mafioso, and I wanted him to see how beautiful Italian culture is. The beautiful art, the vistas, how warm and friendly people there are. I wanted him to be proud of all that.”

Kime asked: “You testified in 2002 before Congress about age discrimination. Do you think age bias is less prevalent or more prevalent now?

Doris answered: “Well, I don’t seem to be affected by it. I have a dear friend who was let go because of his age. He worked at that company all his life and one day they told him they wanted to go younger. That was just terrible.”

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One response to Doris Roberts Answers Questions from our Facebook Friends


    Thanks Tim. I’ve noticed that people sometimes become intrigued with their characters and adopt some aspect of it. What a great way to add to their life. I know I have garnered love for all kinds of food after living from coast to coast and tip to tip of the US. Who knew I would love fresh grilled salmon more than salmon patties. Just saying.


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