Thalberg & Five Rules for Business

January 18, 2014 — Leave a comment


At a Paramount sales convention, exhibitors were delighted to hear M-G-M might lend them Clark Gable. A lone voice in the crowd asked, “But will they lend us Thalberg?” — If you’ve ever wondered who that Thalberg character is they named an honorary Oscar for, Mark Vieira’s book is the authoritative answer. And a great read.

READ THIS: IRVING THALBERG | Boy Wonder to Producer Prince

Over time Thalberg distilled his business philosophy into five rules:

  1. Never hold an “unassailable” opinion.
  2. The clearness with which I see my goal determines the speed in reaching it.
  3. Expect help from no one.
  4. Pride goeth before a fall, and the height of the pride determines the severity of the bump.
  5. Never take any one man’s opinion as final.


Material for this post was gleaned from Mark Vieira’s outstanding book, IRVING THALBERG. Follow the link above to find out more.

(Pictured: Irving Thalberg & Norma Shearer)


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